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What’s the deal with fiber?

Fiber isn’t a fad—it’s the future of the internet, with enough power and capacity to support our connectivity needs for generations to come.

Our fiber optic network is an investment in our shared future—enabling economic development, advancing educational opportunities, and providing telehealth access to our neighbors across the state.

Benefits of fiber

Enough bandwidth to support all of your devices

Ultra-reliable and energy-efficient

Speeds up to 10 Gigs (and beyond!)

Boosts property values

How it works

Fiber optic internet uses cables made of small strands of glass smaller than the size of a single human hair. These cables transmit information across long distances using pulses of light. So when we say our fiber internet is light speed, we really mean it!

While most fiber internet providers offer speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second, Stupp Fiber offers speeds up to 10 Gigs to make sure our network can support the technology needs of today and tomorrow. 

What to expect during construction

Depending on where you live, your home will either have an aerial or underground connection to our network. Our engineering partners have optimized the network design for the method that’s best for your area.


When fiber is installed aerially, this means our construction crews will connect your home to the network by hanging cables on existing utility poles above ground. This process is typically faster and less invasive than underground deployment, but cables need to be heavily armored to protect them from the elements–and squirrels!


An underground fiber connection is exactly what it sounds like: construction crews will bury cables underground to connect your home to our network. This process can be more time-consuming than aerial fiber, but it’s also less impacted by weather or environmental changes.

Pretty cool, huh?

You’ve read all about fiber, and now it’s time to experience its lightning-fast speeds yourself! Sign up today to get connected.