Bills are issued the first day of the month and due by the tenth. Your first month’s bill will include a pro-rated amount from the time service is connected in addition to the full month’s charges for the following cycle.

Your bill is considered late on the eleventh day of the month.

If payment is not made by the fifteenth day of the month, your service will be suspended.

If final payment is not made by the twenty-fifth day of the month, final deactivation will occur.

If final deactivation occurs and payment is made after the fact, a reconnect fee of $25 will be added to the following month’s bill.

Online: through the Stupp Fiber portal, you can pay by:
  • Debit / ACH
  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover)
  • Opt into autopay and paperless billing to receive a $10 discount!
By phone:

Pay by phone with debit or credit card by calling 833 944 0028.

In person:

Pay at Walmart with either debit or cash at:

  • 1201 Morgantown Road – enter on left side, and the Money Center will be on your immediate right near the Claire’s.
  • 150 Walmart Avenue – enter on the left side, and Money Services will be on your right near the self-checkout.

At the counter, ask for “bill pay,” and set up a bill pay account at Walmart. Make sure you know your account number and the amount due (Walmart will not be able to provide that information).

By mail (checks only):

Include account number on the memo line and mail to:

  • USPS – Stupp Fiber LLC, PO Box 840232, Kansas City, MO 64184-0232 before the due date to avoid late fee.
  • Overnight / Express – Stupp Fiber LLC, 811 Main St, KCWLBX 84023, Kansas City, MO 64105 before the due date to avoid late fee.