What’s Up

Building on the heritage.
Leaping into the future.

Stupp Fiber is the newest part of an organization known for building critical American infrastructure for over 165 years. From our facilities in St. Louis, Baton Rouge, and Bowling Green, Stupp companies have played an integral role in major projects like bridges for our highway system, pipelines to deliver energy, and the construction of stadiums, hospitals, and distribution centers that are a part of our everyday lives.

At Stupp Fiber, we’re starting a new chapter in our story and leaping into the future to deliver the best ultra-high-speed internet to cities around the country. Bowling Green, Kentucky, is our first stop.

We’re helping fellow Kentuckians get equal access to symmetrical fiber internet and making a difference in the lives of Bowling Green residents by enabling economic development, advancing educational opportunities, and providing telehealth access.

Our values

Put people first

Expect local customer support, community involvement, and a state-of-the-art app that puts you in control of your Wi-Fi experience.

Do what we say

You deserve to get the speeds you’re paying for, so you can work, learn, play, and operate your smart devices hassle-free.

Look ahead

Our network is designed to reliably deliver the multi-gig speeds you need today and is upgradable for the needs of the future!

Our team

Animated image of John

John Stupp III

Animated image of Joe

Joe McClung

Vice President
Animated image of Beth

Beth Moyer

Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Animated image of Roosa

John Roosa

CIO of Stupp Bros., Inc. & Advisor to Stupp Fiber
Animated image of Derek

Derek Clemons

President of Stupp Bridge & Advisor to Stupp Fiber

Kendra Bartley

Senior Accountant

Andrea Givens

Sales Representative

Ella Roberts

Customer Service Rep
Animated image of Braxton

Braxton McClung

GIS Manager

Bryce McAlister

Operations Coordinator
Luna the dog

Coming Soon


Work with us

At Stupp Fiber, we value accountability, courage, data-driven decision making, continuous improvement, and trust. In short: we’ve created a culture where our people can thrive. As a founding member of the Stupp Fiber team, you’ll have the opportunity to improve the lives of fellow Kentuckians by providing equal access to high-speed fiber internet while developing important skills and building a career with limitless potential.