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You must be an existing Stupp Fiber subscriber to qualify for this offer. The new customer’s service location must be within the designated shaded pink area (see map). The reward is given after the new customer is installed, regardless of when the referral was submitted. If the new customer is unable to receive our service, unfortunately, there will not be a reward. The person must be referred prior to signing up.

Excludes campers, apartments, and businesses. You cannot refer yourself. If more than one person refers the same person, the first submission will receive referral credit. Bill credits exceeding the total monthly bill will be rolled over to the following month. Bill credits cannot be redeemed for cash should the referrer cancel Stupp Fiber service with a credit balance. Use of fraudulent methods or attempts to circumvent the rules may remove participants from eligibility at Stupp Fiber’s sole discretion. Referral program is subject to change.